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One minute she was accompanying the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay to the ring and she next, there were Rear Views everywhere! We saw her on NXT Season 3 coming second to Kaitlyn and she was an obvious fan favorite but we need to ask ourselves. Who really is Naomi? Formerly hailing from Planet Funk, Naomi is one of the most athletic divas on the roster and a woman you do not want to mess with. Read More?

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The Miz and Mizdow are out to the start the show. They welcome Naomi to Miz TV for the first time, and she makes her way down rocking a top with a ‘V’ that goes all the way down. She tells him he sees through all the phony crap and the two of them will never be friends. Miz says he got her a Divas Championship match on Smackdown Live tonight, but understands if she needs to ask her husband for permission first. The Usos run down and Jimmy tells Miz to stay the hell away from his wife.

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We go backstage to The Miz and Damien Sandow. Naomi tells Miz she doesn’t trust him and will make it on her own without his help. Miz says he knows he’s talking to Naomi’s husband, not her. He rips Jimmy Uso and talks about getting her a deal with a music producer. He says his wife isn’t jealous but Jimmy will always be. Miz says the music deal will not be on the table after tonight but he wants Naomi’s help keeping his titles. She’s not interested. Miz promises if he wins tonight, she wins tonight. He walks off.

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thumb_SD_798_Photo_103-1143760961 thumb_SD_798_Photo_109-2767815007 thumb_SD_798_Photo_111-3006871596 thumb_SD_798_Photo_116-761113999

AJ sat in on commentary during this match between Naomi and Brie Bella. Nikki Bella was also at ringside to “support” her sister.

Nikki tried to get involved, but AJ ripped her off the apron to keep things fair and assist Naomi in picking up the win.

The pace was a little slower than these two are capable of, but it wasn’t a trainwreck of a match. Naomi getting a win on television was a nice change of pace from the Bella-dominated storyline that has been happening.

No Divas title match has been booked for TLC yet, so maybe Naomi can be added to the mix to shake things up a bit. Her signature brand of offense would definitely help make things more exciting.

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thumb_RAW_1123_Photo_154-2620536827 thumb_RAW_1123_Photo_158-2508487632 thumb_RAW_1123_Photo_163-695988635

The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee and Naomi

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella with her sister Brie Bella. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes AJ Lee. She skips to the announce table and Lawler reveals her opponent – Naomi. Naomi makes her way to the ring.

Back from the break and out comes AJ Lee. She skips to the announce table and Lawler reveals her opponent – Naomi. Naomi makes her way to the ring.

The bell rings and we hear some faint CM Punk chants. Nikki suplexes Naomi for a pin attempt. Brie comes in and takes over. Brie with a big running uppercut in the corner. Nikki tags back in with a clothesline for a 1 count. More CM Punk chants start as Nikki keeps Naomi down. AJ finally gets the tag and unloads on Nikki. AJ with a splash and a neckbreaker. AJ knocks Brie out of the ring. AJ with a tornado DDT on Nikki but Brie breaks the pin. Naomi dropkicks Nikki but Brie tosses her to the floor. AJ tosses Brie to the floor and hits the Shining Wizard on Nikki. AJ applies the Black Widow for the win.

Winners: AJ Lee and Naomi

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thumb_SUR14_Photo_097-1529253560 thumb_SUR14_Photo_119-1971667840 thumb_SUR14_Photo_124-538537214

Traditional Survivor Series Match: Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae and Layla vs. Natalya, Emma, Naomi and Alicia Fox

Team Natalya is out first, accompanied by Tyson Kidd, followed by Team Paige. Natalya and Paige start the match off and go at it. Paige takes control and tags in Layla. Layla misses but keeps on for a 2 count after Emma comes in. Emma with a roll up for 2.

Layla keeps control of Emma until Paige comes back in. Paige drops Emma and screams that this is her house. Paige keeps control but turns around to a big shot from Emma. Paige with more offense but Emma drops her off a counter. Cameron tags in and goes to work on Emma. Cameron suplexes Emma as fans chant for Damien Sandow. Cameron drops a split on Emma for 2. Naomi ends up coming in and unloading. She knocks other Divas down on the apron and goes to work on Cameron. The match falls apart as Natalya and Paige also come in. Cameron barely hits a running bulldog on Natalya. Naomi eliminates Cameron with a roll up.

Summer comes in and works over Naomi now. Natalya tags in but Summer kicks her out of the ring. Summer knocks the other Divas off the apron. Alicia comes back in and unloads on Summer. Alicia brings Layla and Paige in. Alicia nails a crossbody on all three of them, sending them to the floor. Alicia goes to the top for a dive out but they run. She calls them chicken. Alicia and Layla go at it in the ring now. Alicia with a suplex for 2. Layla with a crossbody on Alicia. Alicia with a backbreaker for the pin. Layla is eliminated.

Paige comes in and attacks Alicia. Summer comes in next and Alicia slams her into the corner. Natalya comes in and steps on Summer’s back, then dropkicks her. Natalya with the big clothesline. Paige kicks Natalya in the back and tags in. Natalya drops her for the Sharpshooter but Summer makes the save. Paige works over Natalya and tags back in Summer. Summer with knees. Summer shows off by trying to yell like Paige on the apron and Natalya knocks her to the floor. Paige trolls Summer back in. Emma meets her with a clothesline. Emma goes on and eliminates Summer.

Fans chant for Paige as she comes in and goes at it with Emma. Natalya comes in and eats a big kick. Naomi works over Paige now. She goes for the moonsault but Paige gets her knees up. Fox distracts Paige. Paige turn around to a Rear View from Naomi. Naomi drops Paige on her face for the win and the clean sweep.

Winners: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi and Emma

– After the match, Kidd hit the ring and jumps in front of Natalya’s celebration to steal the spotlight.

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Friday_Night_Smackdown_October_31st_2014_0082.jpg Friday_Night_Smackdown_October_31st_2014_0083.jpg Friday_Night_Smackdown_October_31st_2014_0249.jpg 

Divas Battle Royal (to determine Number One Contender)

The bell rings and everyone pairs off. Paige is sent into the turnbuckles by Nikki. Naomi with a head scissors to counter a side slam and Naomi with a baseball slide to eliminate Rosa. Naomi kicks Alicia and she tries to eliminate her. Summer is eliminated by Natalya. Cameron misses a charge into the corner and Emma with the DilEmma. Emma is eliminated by Alicia.

Layla dances in the ring while Paige acts like Summer and nothing much is done. Layla pulls out some of Paige’s padding and then Paige with a kick and she eliminates Layla. Naomi tries for an Irish whip to Cameron but Cameron with a kick. Natalya and Naomi eliminate Cameron and then Natalya eliminates Naomi. Natalya tries to eliminate Alicia and she says that she is not ready.

Nikki with a spinebuster to Paige. Natalya gets kicked by Alicia. Paige tries to eliminate Nikki. Alicia kicks Natalya to the floor and then Alicia with a spear that sends her and Paige to the floor to eliminate both of them.

Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Nikki confronts AJ at the announce table.

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october 27th







Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Nikki Bella makes her way out and her assistant Brie Bella is there. Nikki whispers something to Brie and tosses her hat at her. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Naomi goes at it with Nikki. Nikki with an Alabama Slam and some stomps for a 2 count. Nikki keeps control and chokes Naomi on the ropes. Naomi finally makes a comeback and hits a dropkick. Naomi goes on and kicks Nikki in the back before hitting a pair of knees for a 2 count. Nikki rolls to the floor in front of Brie. Naomi throws her right back in. Nikki runs into a kick. Brie barely grabs Naomi’s ankle but it distracts her. Brie looks embarrassed. This allows Nikki to kick Naomi off the apron. Nikki brings it back in and hits the Rack Attack for the win.

Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Brie enters the ring and raises Nikki’s arm but doesn’t look happy to do so.

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Brie Bella, Naomi & Natalya vs. Nikki Bella, Cameron & Summer Rae

Brie and Cameron start it off. Cameron ends up laying Brie out with a clothesline and her team celebrates with some “Yes!” chants. Summer tags in and continues the drubbing. Brie ends up in the corner and cleans house briefly but Summer regains control. Both women end up on the canvas after some slugging but Cameron sneaks over and stops Naomi from making the tag. Nikki makes it into the fray and totally works over Brie. She covers and gets the three count.

Winners: Nikki Bella, Cameron and Summer Rae

After the match, Nikki gets the mic and says that she’s going to turn Brie into her “CinderBella” after Sunday’s match.

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